My Year Without Meat

My Year Without Meatby Richard Cornish

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The idea of this book was really interesting to me. A meat eater, who happens to be a food columnist, goes without meat for an entire year. The title and description suggest this will be a book about his experience being a vegetarian. His opinions, his challenges, etc. I dove into this book. Headfirst. I was excited to finally read something like this by someone who writes well. About halfway through I couldn’t read anymore. It was nothing like I expected. The author barely spoke about what he ate or what challenges he faced. The majority of his book read like a documentary on the meat industry. Don’t get me wrong, it was informative, but not at all what I wanted to read about. I’ve seen the documentaries on how cruel the meat industry is to animals and how bad it is for the environment. I wanted to know how someone in the culinary world handled a limited diet. I didn’t hear much of that. The few times he mentioned what he ate, it was veggies drowned in butter or coated in cheese. Apparently his year without meat was vastly unhealthy and still kept the “big bad” dairy industry well afloat. Half the time, I couldn’t tell if he was pro meat industry or against it. If it was going to read like a documentary, it should at least have a conclusion like one. If you are looking for his personal experiences, don’t read this. If you want to know about every little aspect of the meat/dairy/fishing industries, go ahead and read this.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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