Topaz Eyes

Topaz Eyesby Nancy Jardine

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really wanted to like this book. The story line sounded interesting. I love mysteries, romances and history. A novel where a couple searches for heirloom jewelry, while being pursued by mysterious bad guys sounds amazing. I have been trying to force myself to finish the book for months, so I could write a well-informed review, but honestly I just can’t get into the story.
Keira, the leading lady, is a great character. She is a well-traveled translator and an all-around good person. I would love to BE her. The leading man though, is awful. He is moody, secretive, and borderline abusive. Keira deserves better and because of this, I hate their romance. Also Teun is supposed to be American, but he uses a ridiculous amount of British phrases and colloquialisms. This discord bothers me so much, that it is constantly pulling me out of the story line.
Everything in this book is also entirely too convenient. Two out of the 3 people invited to the search just happen to meet at a cafe in a huge city, just hours before the designated meet up. They just happen to find various photos and other references to the jewelry with barely any help or research. They just happen to find some jewelry in a relative’s attic hours before the bad guys break in and then burn the place down. It just isn’t realistic.

Thanks to net galley and the publisher for the free advance copy.


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